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“Seven Samurai”, Akira Kurosawa’s film, can be called a real masterpiece. The famous film was screened for the first time on April 26, 1954. The plot revolved around the story of how 7 samurai defended peasants from bandits.

In the Middle Ages, Japan was pillaged by gangs of samurai left without their lords. One of such gangs often attacked one of the villages. Peasants realized that they simply would not survive because of the constant pillages. So, the villagers decided to hire defenders, they hired the same impoverished samurai.

7 samurai

The main characters are completely different. Experienced and wise Kambei leads the team that includes young Katsushiro, good-natured big guy Gorobei, taciturn and evil Kyuzo, old Shichiroji, witty Hayashida. A tramp with a fake samurai’s certificate, Kikuchiyo, also wormed his way into the gang. 

Oddly enough, they all made a great team. Cheerful Gorobei supports everyone with his jokes, Kyuzo easily handles difficult challenges. Even gauche Kikuchiyo had something to do. Peasants, who were afraid of other samurai, immediately trusted him.

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At first, the villagers seek help only from Kambei, but he realizes that he is not able to protect them alone. Kambei informs the villagers that there needs to be seven samurai to defeat the bandits. In most films, superheroes do everything alone. But Kurosawa shows real warriors who assess their powers and abilities in advance.

Even though the seven samurai are ready to bring the fight, the bandits have many advantages. There are 40 of them, they have armament and horses. The samurai try to teach the peasants military art, but it does not work. Then the samurai break the bridges and control the only way to the village. They also settle all villagers in neighboring houses so that it would be convenient to defend them. 

After the first fight with the bandits, everyone understands that they are mostly cowardly and selfish people. They can only beat helpless peasants. And when the villagers resisted the bandits, some of them fled and others quarreled with each other.

Kyuzo intrudes into the bandits’ lair, steals a rifle and kills two pillagers. Kikuchiyo also wants to commit the heroic deed and leaves his post to go to the woods. As a result, the bandits attack the village and kill one samurai. Others understand that even brave actions require a deliberate approach so as not to cause dire consequences.

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Akira Kurosawa, the film director, perfectly recreated medieval Japan. “7 Samurai” is a film where you can see working equipment, clothing, and everyday life thought out to the smallest detail. It accurately shows the appearance of the village and peasant houses from a historical perspective. The film perfectly combines action and historical genres. It also has the robust plot and behavior of each character which were perfectly played by Kurosawa’s favorite actors. And the main role was played by Toshiro Mifune, the most famous Japanese actor.

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