The film by the Japanese director Kihachi Okamoto "Red Lion" was first seen by the audience in 1969. The plot of the picture takes place during a period of turbulent events in the history of Japan in 1866-67, which ended the Edo era and preceded the imperial restoration. Kihachi Okamoto's favorite features are the introduction of sudden plot twists and an unexpected ending. The film "Red Lion" was no exception in this sense. It begins as a set of comedic situations that take place with comical characters. But gradually the plot becomes more and more serious coloring and eventually ends in tragedy.

 In Japan, the period of two centuries of rule of the Tokugawa shoguns ends. The protagonist Gonzo serves in the army of supporters of the monarch. They are fighting to preserve the full power of the emperor, for this they promise the people to reduce the number of taxes by half. Gonzo begs his commander to send him to the old city for negotiations. Gonzo has lived in this area before, so everything is familiar to him there. To add solidity, a man chooses a commander's headdress, which is a red lion's mane.

Everyone in the city thinks that Gonzo has become a military officer, and they praise him for his heroism and courage. The locals consider their fellow countryman to have specially come to them to protect them from corrupt government officials. Therefore, they do not listen to his speech about the next tax cut, but talk about their problems. Gonzo learns that the townspeople have been deceived by an evil judge for many years. The man has to come to terms with the fact that he will not be able to read his own appeals to the inhabitants, and start fighting the fanatics of the Shogunate in order to help his fellow countrymen.

The film "Red Lion" also introduced a romantic story. Gonzo's old love, Tommy's girlfriend, remained in the city. She hopes that the newly flared feelings between them are sincere. But Tomie fears that if she believes her fiancé and stops agreeing with the policies of powerful and corrupt officials, then her life will never change for the better.


The main role in the film "Red Lion" was played by the famous Japanese actor Toshiro Mifune, who played in many cult Japanese films. Therefore, he is considered the most famous Japanese actor outside the country.

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